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This is something really small and probably is going to sound really petty but I never understood how some people can literally post nothing of substance, coherence etc yet get thousands of likes, retweets, followers, endless support like it’s just something about that will always bother me.


I hate it when someone ruins my appetite while I’m eating like

Naomi Clark realy is just the best thing on 90210. Always has been and always will be.


Wait so let me get this straight 90210 after 3 seasons of having an epic on again off again great couple that ended becoming one of your biggest and best canons and ships on your show aka MAXOMI(Max and Naomi) you broke them up just because for drama sake and now there is a highly possible chance of absolutely no reconciliation whatsoever?

I HAVE A HUGE MOTHER FUCKING PROBLEM WITH THAT! It’s not like Max was just some guest starring love interest. He is/was relavent for 3 seasons and played probably the BIGGEST role for Naomi as a woman, a character and also plenty of her storylines.So WTF after seasons of them going so much crap(most of which I feel like was forced contrived drama for the sake of drama and to avoid making them that one happy perfect couple that eventually bores people) BUT THAT’S TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT. When two people love each other, are great seperately and great together and have chemistry who would get bored of seeing that? You don’t beat it over our heads that these two are meant for each other, good for each other, want each other, love each other, need each other and will fight off everything to stay together only to break them up JUST BECAUSE! 90210 your season 5 is good so far DO NOT FUCKING RUIN THIS. I hoping they have somekind of reunion of some sort towards the end of the season or I am fucking livid and done with the show(who am I kidding I’ll stil watch it afterwards but with a bitter bitch mentality because of MAXOMI reasons) dassit. 

Honestly I’d be really pissed at 90210 if they decide to ruin/break up Maxomi aka Max and Naomi as a couple.

One of factors that 90210 lacks is a consistent couple. Each relationships either last half a season or a season at most. The cast is basically boderline insectuous but not as bad as GOSSIP GIRL. When the show comes to end I want the otp endgame for the following ships MAXOMI, ADRIXXON, LANNIE and as for Navid and Silver maybe Navid deseves a love interest outside of the group but I wouldn’t mind if Beverly Hills BFF hopper Silver would end the series single. I miss her independent spirit(pre bipolarity) from season 1. Just sayin writers YOU HAVE ONE JOB. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP OK!

What the hell! Is it me or is 90210 having like a reinlightment? Because 90210 Season 5 is really good :)

Seriously though. 90210S5 blows GGS5 out the water easily. 90210 has more pros then cons and just overall has been enjoyable, keep it up!

90210 is really good this season. And it’s in it’s 5th season! Congrats to 90210.

*COUGH* glares at season five of GOSSIPGIRL aka liferuiner and a hot mess -.-

Maxomi just appeared on my dash right now